The Fielding's Crown Devon Collectors Club was formed in 1999 but time marches inexorably on and now the time has come after seventeen interesting years, to cease individual membership of the club. My thanks go to those who have supported me during these years and I hope I have met their expectations.

The reasons for this decision are many but importantly Picasa hosted by Google has been withdrawn which means that our Photo Gallery has disappeared and for this I apologise. So far, no other suitable host has been found and with the disappearance of “Crown Devon World” a few years ago, this means that there is once again nothing for collectors and owners to browse.

Over the years I have found great pleasure in answering questions on Crown Devon, both from Club Members and members of the public, and for this purpose the web site will continue for as long as I am able to lift a phone or tap a computer keyboard but it is no longer a “club” in the original sense. The name ought to be changed but as it is fairly well known and an inordinate amount of fiddling about, including ISP re-registration, would be needed to effect a change, I shall keep “Fielding’s Crown Devon Collectors Club” as the name, and keep the existing email and web site addresses.

All Crown Devon collectors and owners are welcome to make contact by email to FCDCC2003@talktalk.net or by telephone to 01709 874433 with any questions or to share thoughts and ideas. It will greatly help me to give a correct answer if you would kindly send photos of your piece including the marking (backstamp) as attachments to your email. Should you require guidance as to its probable value, please let me know your country so that the correct currency can be used when replying. Please remember that even with over 25 years’ experience, these answers are only opinions and I cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred. To be fair to all collectors, dealers should declare that they intend to sell their item and not take an unfair advantage of a free opinion.

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